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Amazon Adventure & Tree Climbing Experience

The Experience.


Did you used to climb tree's as a kid and wonder how high you could climb? This is your chance to experience how Jack climbed the bean stalk into the skies.

We are able to provide you a personalised expedition with International Master Tree Climbing instructor Tim Kovar.

This is a 10-Day all inclusive expedition exploring the Jau National Park Reserve aboard "Lo-Peix" the finest ship on the Negro River in Brazil.

The first 3-Days will be spent at the private Base Camp of Tim Kovar, where you will learn the skills required to climb the giant trees of the Amazon along with necessary training required to ejoy this wild jungle expereince.

Once you are trained and ready, you will set off on the voyage of a life time for the next 7-Days.

Be prepared to see a variety of monkeys, dolphins, birds, pacas & sloths before climbing some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world.

The Boat.

Lo Peix - River House Boat


Lo Peix is simply the finest ship plying the Negro River. A stately riverboat, it’s designed to provide open, comfortable spaces for relaxing after a day of exploring. And her gracious staff makes an art of providing impeccable service. The purpose of the regional style of Lo Peix is to provide to our clients the feeling of traveling such like the local people do, but with more comfort, safety, and onboard services.




Capacity: 8 travellers & 2 tree climb leaders                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Boat Style: Regional Riverboat

Length: 18m (59ft)

Beam: 5m (17ft)

Draft: 1.2m (4ft)

Speed: 10 Knots

Engine: 120hp

The Location.

Jau National Park Reserve, Brazil.


Located just north of Manaus which is the Amazon's largest city.


The greatest fresh water forest park in the world still guards enigmas to be unmasked. Because it has relatively complicated access, its paths, waterfalls and creeks are not heavily explored by tourists.